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Saturday, March 13, 2010


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The Archangel Michael (Bettany) falls to Earth in Los Angeles, cuts off his wings, and raids a police arsenal for a cache of automatic weapons. Confronted by two LAPD officers, one becomes possessed and kills the other. Michael kills the possessed cop and steals his car.

The remainder of the story takes place in a small roadside diner and garage in the middle of the New Mexico desert. Its semi-permanent residents are the diner's owner, Bob Hanson (Quaid), his son Jeep (Black), the short-order cook Percy (Charles S. Dutton) and the waitress, Charlie (Palicki). Charlie is pregnant with an absentee father's child, and Jeep has always loved her, though he is afraid to say so. Also present are a single father on his way to L.A., Kyle (Tyrese Gibson), and an urban married couple, Howard and Sandra Anderson (Jon Tenney and Kate Walsh), and their rebellious teenaged daughter, Audrey (Willa Holland), who have been temporarily stranded at the diner after their car has broken down.

Soon after, an old woman arrives and tells Charlie that her baby is going to burn. Enraged, Charlie leaves before the old woman taunts Howard and Sandra, thus setting Howard off into a rage but the old woman bites him in the neck. She climbs up the ceiling and knocks out Bob, though Kyle shoots her with his pistol that he was hiding. Later, they try to hurry Howard away via car though are forced to go back after passing through a fly swarm. When they return later Michael arrives.

God has lost faith in humankind so he sends down his angels to kill all of mankind. First an ice cream van arrives, with the driver being possessed. Then later a large convoy of cars with possessed passengers. They fight them all off though one of them drags Howard away. Later, Sandra finds Howard crucified upside-down with many fatal boils, Sandra tries to save him but his boils pop resulting in his death. Afterwords,the Archangel Gabriel is sent down by God to kill the inhabitants of the diner, when the other angels fail, as Charlie's baby is deemed to be the saviour of mankind. Gabriel and Michael fight, and Gabriel wins, stabbing Michael through the chest with his mace.

Then he sees the dying Bob, who lights a flame to the diner's gas main, blowing up the diner and destroying the remaining possessed. However, Gabriel survives, and swoops down on the fleeing car. As he tries to reach Charlie, Jeep slams on the brakes, sending the car into a crash that pitches Gabriel out. Gabriel finally corners Jeep, Charlie and her baby in the mountains. He is about to kill them, when Michael appears, fully angelic again. His refusal to give up on mankind, including sacrificing his own life, has convinced God to change His mind and give humanity another chance.

The film begins and ends with the same monologue by Charlie: telling how her mother's view of God changed while Charlie was a child, from a loving and merciful God to a stern and unforgiving one. When the young Charlie asked why He had changed, her mother said, "I don't know. Maybe He was just tired of all the bullshit."



1 Paul Bettany as Michael, the fallen archangel and leader of the human fighters.
2 Tyrese Gibson as Kyle William
3 Charles S. Dutton as Percy Walker,the one-handed cook
4 Dennis Quaid as Bob Hanson,the diner's owner
5 Adrianne Palicki as Charlie, a waitress that is pregnant with what is supposed to be the savior of humanity.
6 Lucas Black as Jeep Hanson,Bob's son.
7 Kate Walsh as Sandra Anderson
8 Kevin Durand as the archangel Gabriel, leader of the angel army and the main antagonist.
9 Willa Holland as Audrey Anderson
10 Jon Tenney as Howard Anderson,Sandra's husband and Audrey's father.
11 Doug Jones as the possesed icecream man that attacks the diner.

Internet Movies

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