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Monday, October 5, 2009

New Era – Internet Movies on TV

Internet-enabled televisions could see wider adoption in the coming years, as viewers feel comfortable with the idea of using widgets on the screens, according to a study by Ernst & Young, released on Thursday.

Widgets - or mini-applications - are already used in devices such as mobile phones and computers to run light applications and the applications could reach television sets, "said the analyst firms in the study. Widgets TV are designed to make available selective content from the Internet to complete viewing time. For example, the user can view weather information on television or buy products advertised on TV from online stores.

Many consumers believe it is a "call" idea to a TV with information on the Internet network, the study found. Web TV shows can be combined with less than 500,000 in 2009 overall, but top 6 Million 2013, E & Y, the study said, citing statistics from Parks Associates.

Widgets can be the glue that brings together content and Internet TV. Broadcast TV is already in competition with Web viewers, and widgets can simply content between the two media, providing more entertainment options for viewers.

Many Web sites and technology companies are developing an ecosystem to make up the contents of the Internet and television., for example, has developed a widget that combines television with social networking offerings. The audience has to exchange e-mail or browse the photos on MySpace, by using a widget at the bottom of the screen. Users must not rely on a browser that access MySpace content.

TVs and chips, for example, are designed for the creation of Web-enabled TVs. Sony, Samsung and LG have selected models of flat HDTV said the situation would be widgets or download movies from the Netflix online entertainment services, such as running.

Intel announced last week, the CE4100 media processor, and the use of Internet and multimedia applications to allow on TV, according to Intel. Intel is also working with companies such as CBS and Cinema Now and share widgets on their television.

Web-enabled TV has to fight in the last 15 years, since Time Warner Cable has launched iTV service in Orlando, E & Y to life, said. Since then she has gone through several iterations, attempts, with companies like AOL, BSkyB, Respond TV, Hewlett-Packard and Apple, the Internet to television set through devices such as decoders or adapter.

The success of the widgets on the basis of the applications that users want on their TVs. For example, one-click access to the request of the appropriate online film content is well suited for widgets.

Widgets for TV use will be also adopted by a television and cable operators. Dealers will ensure widgets make money developing an ad-sales model around them, which could overcome some challenges, "said the study. For example, viewers could move their attention from TV Widgets, which could affect the chances of a program. Contradictory advertisements may also appear on a screen and onto the same time, which could affect ad-sales models

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