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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Internet Movies Economize Traditional Movie Entertainment

Watching Internet Movies without the monthly cost offers the best option in today's Economy Worldwide. As the price of energy continues to rise and an economy that keeps spiraling downward, the cost of living has skyrocketed in various ways without showing any signs of relief. With the price of corn which now has gone up affecting the price of movie theater popcorn, only adds more cost along with rising ticket prices.

Like everything else the time to economize is now. With everything affecting how we enjoy TV, movies, and other entertainment, it's time to consider other options. Internet TV, PC Satellite TV, and Movie Downloads from the Internet offers more savings, freedom, flexibility and mobility that fits any lifestyle, including anyone's pockets. This is way to save on gas when going to a theater and other cost, including avoiding the crowd. The Internet offers an opportunity for tremendous savings when watching movies-on-Internet and the convenience from ones own home without traveling.

You have the luxury of choosing any one of the three ways to watch Internet movies on your desktop or laptop computer, from any location locally and Worldwide. Here are the choices to watching Internet movies at home or while on the go:

1. Movie Rentals. Video stores such as Blockbusters are online and offer movie rentals. Movies are mailed and returned by mail within a certain time limit. However, this way of watching movies is a slow process and requires more effort which means placing an order, waiting for delivery then mailing the movie back each time.

2. Internet TV. There are many free TV players online and TV media websites that offer free instant Internet TV channels and movie links to watch. However, this process can take longer because there are 100s of sites with channels to select. You have to organize many channel links and different sites that offer them, and there will be a very limited supply of channels when all done.

3. PC Satellite TV software. Offers 1000s even up to 9000+ free instant Internet TV and radio channels, movies, sports, news, music, and much more from 78+ Countries in virtually any language. There's no monthly or recurring fees--only a small one-time downloading fee is required. There's no equipment to install, unless using a TV-Out video card to connect the home TV and PC with the software installed. A broadband connection is required, either DSL or High Speed at 512kbps or higher.

This method of watching movies also offers more variety than Cable and Satellite TV. There are no equipment repairs, poor weather conditions to be concern with, and when using a laptop computer this type of entertainment can be enjoyed anywhere. TV media such as premium and on-demand TV channels, including HDTV are available with great video/audio quality.

4. Movie Downloads. Offers just that movies only with DVD-like quality with classic and recent movies to watch. This also provides free instant access to movies from the Internet for a small one-time downloading fee--very similar to #3.

There are essentially two ways to access Internet movies:

1. Downloading Access - Using a point and click method to easily select movies in any language from a "Category" or "Country." There are many types of movie to choose from such as Action, Drama, Horror, Adult, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Suspense, and more. The user can download a movie, wait for it to finish, and watch it anytime, anywhere and as often as s/he like. Starting a movie library and recording favorite movies on CD/DVDs are simple to do.

2. Streaming Access - Special TV players enable the user to select a movie link and watch it immediately while the movie is downloading. In this case, the user doesn't have to wait for the download to complete. This is instant Internet movies at best that provides quick access movies in any language.

To learn more, see PC Satellite TV Reviews showcasing the Best Top 5 PC Satellite TV software, and there's a "Downloads" section for movies and other entertainment.

Philip Sumpter writes Consumer Product Reviews for all interested parties. You can find his site at Best Top 5 PC Satellite TV and PC Satellite TV Review.

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