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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rahtree Reborn

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Surrounded by tranquility of the apartment, a horrible spirit in the room 609 is lurking, and going to be awaken. This time the terrors are triplex.

It is time for Oscar apartment to renovate after the death of the former owner. Now, it's J'Sam who takes over the whole business and stealthily turns the third floor into an illegal casino. Meanwhile, Rang, a handsome guy who has a job as horror cartoonist moves in for a personal reason. As Rang has a supernatural ability to see ghost, he finally meets Buppha, a mysterious girl who lives in the room 609. Soon, He falls in love with her.

When love is blind, Rang isn't aware that his crush indeed is the haunting and dangerous spirit that he needs to avoid. But he is too late when his sweet dream turns to nightmare as Buppha is now on the rage again.

And the bloody horror love story begins.....



*  Laila Boonyasak
* Mario Maurer
* Chantana Kittiyapan
* Somlek Sakdikul


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Al-Fatihah Din Beramboi Meninggal Dunia

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Din Beramboi 

KUALA LUMPUR 2 April - Pelawak popular dan penyampai radio Era, Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri meninggal dunia di Hospital Selayang, lewat malam tadi.

Allahyarham yang dikenali sebagai Din Beramboi menghembuskan nafas terakhir di Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU) pukul 12.30 malam.

Menurut adik Allahyarham, Rozana Mior Badri, semua ahli keluarga berada di sisi Allahyarham kecuali ayahnya yang tidak dapat hadir.

Katanya, Allahyarham meninggal dunia akibat demam denggi berdarah yang menyebabkan beberapa organ badannya gagal berfungsi.

‘‘Jenazah abang saya akan dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Taman Ehsan, Kepong di sini sebelum solat Jumaat,’’ katanya ketika ditemui di hospital itu, malam ini. - Utusan


Din Beramboi passed away at Selayang Hospital


KUALA LUMPUR: After battling it out for three days, popular comedian, TV and radio personality Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri or more affectionately known as Din Beramboi, succumbed to Dengue Shock Syndrome.

Pronounced dead at 12.30am at the Intensive Care Unit of the Selayang Hospital, the 43 year-old is survived by his wife Suhaini binti Che Man, 42, and his three children Nil Aina Adiba, 17, Mior Ahmad Shafiq, 12 and Nir Ain, 3.

Din had earlier been diagnosed as facing infection of the blood from an ailment known as Leptospirosis and dengue hemorrhagic fever.

His brother in-law, Shariffudin Che Man, 37, confirmed that the body would be taken to his family home at 2079, Jalan E5/12, Taman Ehsan, Kepong.
"We expect to gather about 9am there before heading for the burial at the FRIM Muslim Cemetery nearby before Friday prayers.
"We thank everyone for their prayers and support over the last few days."
Earlier in the day, the family was devastated by rumours of his passing as well as photos of Din in a coma circulated widely over the Internet.

Sharifuddin said Din's situation had taken a turn for the worse when he flatlined at approximately 11.30pm.
He was resuscitated and his family including his mother, Rahmah binti Abdullah Sani, 74, were by his side.
"At 12.30am, he flatlined again and this time our efforts in administering CPR were not able to bring him back."
By 2am, the entertainment industry had congregated at the Selayang Hospital morgue including his radio breakfast show co-host Aznil Nawawi, Mawi, Faizal Tahir, Rosyam Nor and Afdlin Shauki.

Aznil, who was in tears, said he had last visited Din earlier in the morning.

"I said, Din, everyone loves you, (and will) do what is best for you.
"But if it were up to me, I want you to fight on and come back to us."
Among those in the ICU with his family were singer Ifa Raziah, who had joined TV personality Azwan Ali and actor Zul Yahya as the last visitors.
"It happened before my eyes," said Azwan. "He left in front of me."
The ordeal weighed heavily on all of them and Azwan said at the very least he had been able to be at Din's side in his final moments.

Meanwhile, the fate of the popular radio breakfast show Pagi Di Era, which features Aznil and Din is unknown.

Din was also nominated as Most Popular Male Radio Presenter for Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2010 and had planned to take some time off to bring his entire family to Genting Highlands for ABPBH and to spend the rest of his holidays there with them. It was to be his first time off after a long period.




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